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Sporting, Music and Social Events

Sporting, Music and Social Events – let us worry about the driving, the parking and the general hassles, that way you can just concern yourself with enjoying the game and having a few drinks!   Nothing compares with the excitement of a big match or attending the Durban July;...

Transport for Pensioners

Many of the over 50’s complexes have transport facilities for residents wishing to visit shopping centres or Medical facilities but for those not enjoying such benefits, transportation can be a big problem. It’s not easy always relying on friends or family members for lifts and if you live in...

Transport Available

Please note that the options listed are a basic range – call us if you want unusual. Note* Smaller is not necessary cheaper. Unlike car rental where generally smaller vehicles are cheaper to rent than bigger ones, this does not hold true with buses and coaches.   Chauffeur drivers...

Hiring Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are subject to availability of coaches at time of booking

2. Driver accommodation (SINGLE ROOM) & 3 meals p/day or meal allowance – for your account

3. All quotes are transport only & exclude entrance fees

4. All quotes are subject to fuel & statutory increase

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