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Transport Available

Please note that the options listed are a basic range – call us if you want unusual.

Note* Smaller is not necessary cheaper. Unlike car rental where generally smaller vehicles are cheaper to rent than bigger ones, this does not hold true with buses and coaches.

Chauffeur drivers (we have a wide choice of sedans)

Micro bus transfers.

12/15 seater coaches.

17/19 seater coaches.

24/28 seater coaches.

40/44 seater coaches.

60/70 seater coaches.

Luggage truck requirements. (including insurance of goods)

Various Coaches from Coach Corp







Coaches basically come in two categories:

Luxury coaches. (including Super Luxury coaches)
Semi luxury coaches.

Luxury coaches (sizes and features).

Generally coaches that fall into the luxury coach category range from the following size vehicles:
12/15 seaters.
17/19 seaters
21/24 seaters.
28/32 seaters.
40/44 seaters.

Luxury coaches will have if not all, then most of the following features:

  • Air Conditioning.
  • Reclining seats.
  • TV video and monitor.
  • Public Address system.
  • Radio/ CD player (be specific on request ).
  • Toilet.
  • Fridge (small, need to take extra cooler boxes if catering for numbers).

Some companies will separate their luxury fleet into luxury and Super luxury coaches. The basic difference on these coaches will be that the Super luxury coaches are newer vehicles and may not have any additional facilities as opposed to a luxury coach.

Semi Luxury Coaches

Semi luxury coaches range between 60 and 65 seater coaches, and will have the following features,

  • Forced air ventilation (not air con).
  • Solid individual high back seats.
  • Radio/tape.
  • Public Address system.
  • Overhead parcel racks.
  • Trailer ( certain vehicles are able to tow a trailer on request).
  • Toilet. ( certain vehicles have this facility, on request).

The Semi luxury coach market is currently undergoing massive changes and the vehicles are becoming more and more upmarket and some of these new coaches are incorporating the following:

  • Air con.
  • Reclining and semi reclining seats.
  • TV video and monitor.
  • Radio/CD.
  • Toilet.
  • Overhead parcel racks.
  • Trailers.

Please make sure that you request all the facilities that you need.

Bear in mind that this is a general pattern, and there are other coaches in the market that may have different facilities and seating capacities, but they are really one-off vehicles and you could expose yourself to danger, should a specific vehicle have a problem and need to be replaced, as maybe only smaller vehicles will be available.

We only recommend tried and tested transport – your safety is our main concern.


Hiring Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are subject to availability of coaches at time of booking

2. Driver accommodation (SINGLE ROOM) & 3 meals p/day or meal allowance – for your account

3. All quotes are transport only & exclude entrance fees

4. All quotes are subject to fuel & statutory increase

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