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Sporting, Music and Social Events

Sporting, Music and Social Events – let us worry about the driving, the parking and the general hassles, that way you can just concern yourself with enjoying the game and having a few drinks!


Nothing compares with the excitement of a big match or attending the Durban July; you join thousands of other people all enjoying themselves and getting caught up in the moment. When you do manage to find your car, you are stuck in a few kilometres of traffic; worried because perhaps you had that one extra drink? It puts a damper on an otherwise extraordinary day.


So, why do you put yourself through this?

You don’t have to you know, next time you are going to the Rugby or whatever, get a bunch of your friends together and contact COACHCORP, with our extensive range of transport options, we can get you there and back – safely, hassle-free and you can be a responsible citizen and drink without putting anyone else at risk. You’ll be amazed at how ‘value-for-money’ this method can be, especially if you add up all the petrol and parking costs you would all be spending anyway.


Don’t think there are not enough of you – COACHCORP have access to a number of transport options from Sedans to large Luxury Coaches and everything in-between.


Still not sure?

Send us an email or give us a call, we’ll work out a quotation especially for your excursion.


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Hiring Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are subject to availability of coaches at time of booking

2. Driver accommodation (SINGLE ROOM) & 3 meals p/day or meal allowance – for your account

3. All quotes are transport only & exclude entrance fees

4. All quotes are subject to fuel & statutory increase

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